Anythingnaija News: China is working on a super high-speed bullet train that is faster than a jet airliner


China is working on a super high-speed #bullettrain that is faster than a jet airliner, 500 kilometers per hour, Chinese scientists revealed Tuesday.

A “polymorphic coupled rail transit dynamic model test platform” was set up to test different #maglev models in a 1,500-meter vacuum tube that simulates low-pressure environments, including the high-temperature superconductors in a maglev system, said Zhang Weihua, a professor at Southwest Jiaotong University during the 2018 World Transportation Conference on June 19, Science and Technology Daily reported.

The #test run broke the sound barrier, and the super train should be able to reach a max speed of 1,500 kilometers per hour, Zhang noted.

The platform is likely to be approved by authorities this September. It will take about 31 months to complete the project. If successful, China will have a super-fast maglev train by April 2021, according to Zhang.

China has become a major player in high-speed trains. By the end of 2017, China’s high-speed railways stretched for more than 25,000 kilometers, taking up two-thirds of the world total. China’s current bullet trains are designed to travel about 350 to 380 km/h, and the number of trains operating on the line has reached 5,200.

According to CRRC and China Railway Construction, China is currently conducting technical research on raising the operating speed of its high-speed trains to 400 km/h. In November 2016, a national key research and development program was officially launched to accomplish that goal.

“Due to constraints such as friction, pantograph, and noise, the max speed that could be reached is around 600 kilometers,” Zhang said. He believes that high-speed maglev #transportation will become the focus of future rail development.


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