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Answers to Your questions about Zuwanu

what is Zuwanu.com?

Zuwanu.com is Africa leading products retailer. zuwanu offers thousands of products as a virtual shop to our customers in different parts of the world. Zuwanu currently operates its stores in Nigeria and Dakar Senegal.

How safe is it to Purchase on Zuwanu?

Zuwanu is 100% Safe to shop on, As a company whoes major interest is customers satisfaction and protection of companies reputations, zuwanu puts more work to ensure customers happiness and Good reputation for Zuwanu in a Competitive Invironment. Customers Reveals maximum satisfaction in their dealings with zuwanu.com so far.

How long does it take to Receiver My ordered products ?

Zuwanu.com sends goods ordered by a customer to them with 4 to 14 working days.

How can i get my products visible and sell to large customers on the internet?

It might interest you to know that you can connect with larger number of customers by Listing your products on Zuwanu.com, its the most Tested and efficient method verified by Traders in Senegal and Nigeria.

Can other Business onwers Sell their goods on Zuwanu?

Yes. with zuwanu you can successfully sell and receive your money from your sales of your products by Opening a Vendor or Store on Zuwanu.


How much does a Vendor pay For selling on zuwanu?

Store owners only pay when they sell successfully, zuwanu charges as low as 3% commission for each sale of any product on zuwanu.


Zuwanu was founded by Nigerian Business man from imo state Okechukwu Faith Onyedikachi in 2018/2019.

What payment Methods are used on Zuwanu?

Currently You can pay your Bills with your credit card through PayPal or Through Your personal Wallet system on the website, if you have some money in your wallet.

What is Zuwanu Customer Wallet ?

Zuwanu wallet system allows her customers and merchants to store up their money on our store in their respective wallet accounts which enables them to use their saved money for future payments and other transactions on zuwanu. Your cash bonus can be received on your wallet and used for future shopping on zuwanu and your refunds can be made to your zuwanu wallet.

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