• Mazi Nnamdi kanus Court Hearing
    #Biafra #Nigeria #DSS

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  • Pilot Rescued To Base After Bandits Shot Down Military Jet during clash

    In a statement by the Nigerian Air Force, Flight Lieutenant Abayomi Dairo escaped unhurt from the crash and managed to elude several bandits’ strongholds to get to a Nigerian Army Unit.


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  • You Dial Trouble, Dino Warns Car Dealer Over Debt Allegation

    Former Kogi West lawmaker, Dino Melaye has threatened to sue a car dealer, who alleged that he was still owing for a vehicle he supposedly bought from them in 2019.

    Via its Instagram Stories on Thursday, the car dealer, Unique Motors had shared a photo of Melaye standing by…Read More

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  • Nigerian Girl cuts boyfriend’s Genital for sharing his joystick with another girl.
    #Toxicrelationships #Nigeriangirls #boyfriend #Trendingnews

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  • Our Government failed to protect us now they are pleading we help protect the police hahhaha #Nigeria

  • Art. 1&20, CAP A9, Laws of Federation of Nigeria says: “All peoples shall have the unquestionable & inalienable right to SELF DETERMINATION. The State shall RECOGNIZE the right and adopt legislative or other measures to give EFFECT to it”

    #Nigeria disobeys it’s own Laws! #Obigbo

    A country that has no regard for its own laws is an anima…Read More


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