small pox

Achy Chukwudi Celebrating his 35th Birthday in great Pains

Achy Chukwudi before poison

a facebook users by the name Achy Chukwudi share some heart breaking pictures on a day which is supposed to be his happy day. the picture which clearly shows the man going through pains from what appears as small pox still finds faith to thank God for keeping his life.

On his post he said Achy Chukwudi wrote.

Whether Good or Bad We Must Thank God Almighty. I’ve been down since three months now suffering from POISON. I’m still alive today by His grace…… And today is My BIRTHDAY. Thank you God for your Mercy and Love. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ACHY

achy chukwudi’s birthday post.

this is so touching and scary the pains he has been through since these 3 months in serious pain. as he celebrates today please if anyone have the cure for this disease as it appears to be a poison, dont hesitate to contact him for help so that his life will be spared and he celebrate again in NEXT YEAR. happy Birthday Achy Chukwudi.

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Achy Chukwudi

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