8 Signs Of Fake And Genuine People You Need To Be Aware Of

You might have been wondering why you do come across some people who are always nice to you on your face, but complains about you to other people behind your back. You can literally sink hundreds of hours into books about human psychology trying to figure out real people and genuine people.

These 8 differences are actually good advice to keep in mind your whole life. They teach the type of person to appreciate and be around, and the one to avoid.

Note: Never judge people with this.

 8 main differences between genuine people and fake people.



When it comes to respect, Genuine people respect anyone and everyone. Someone who is real will always treat everyone with respect.


Fake people only respect people who have power and they are very selective about who deserves respect and who doesn’t. Meanwhile, a fake person is only respectful when they have something to gain from it. Fake people Look out for everyone, or look down on everyone.



Genuine people don’t try to make people like them. They are comfortable in their own skin and being themselves without needing to seek approval.


They try hard to make people like them. They do different things to make people like them, or to please them till they are seen in a favorable light.



Genuine people don’t go around bragging about their work and achievements. They are usually humble and don’t need to show it off to the world what they have done or achieved. They keep it all to themselves.


Fake people can be the peacocks of the group, usually showing off almost all the time, by either bragging about something they are or try to do in their life, even for the smallest most insignificant things.



Genuine people are pretty straight-forward and express their opinions honestly without any hidden agenda or incentive. Why they say is all there is to it.


Fake people are always two-faced, and they love to gossip. They portray something else on your face, and say something else behind your back. They probably say a lot truths behind your back instead of saying it to your face.



Genuine people are the types that always strive for the best and do whatever they can to live up to them and show for their promises.


Fake people are talkatives, and can’t keep the promises they make. They constantly keep giving excuses and not living up to them unless it serves a personal motive or meets a hidden agenda.



Genuine people admire, praise and get inspired by others and mean it when they do so because they know they are not perfect and have a lot they can learn from others.


Fake people always try to find something wrong with someone’s happiness. They criticize others, and make them feel bad. They feel great when they find mistakes in other’s work.



Genuine people are nice, and they would like to help you most of the time. They want to make sure that everyone around them is happy with no personal reason behind it.


Fake people are only nice to someone if they are getting something out of it, or if it makes them look like a better person in everyone’s eyes. Any good they do, won’t be a secret but will be used to brag about.



Genuine people have no trouble in spending time by themselves. You will see them being in their own comfort zone, doing what they like, and they like being respected for it.


Fake people are desperate for attention, and are constantly loud to attract some attention of people. They think that the world revolves around them.

With these, I hope you can actually live a  of your own.

Do you think we’ve given enough differences between genuine people and fake people?


Comment more ways To know fake from Real people


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