Formally known as Swaziland, the Kingdom of eSwatini, a small landlocked country has in terms of its culture, wildlife, scenery, & more, presented itself before the World in pride & exemplariness.
Despite being one of the smallest countries in the Southern hemisphere and on the African continent, eSwatini goes beyond its size to host some of the most exiting, hugely diverse attractions than some bigger nations in Africa.
Here are some 7 Things you probably didn’t know about eSwatini.

—#1—- eSwatini is one f the last standing monarchies in the World. It is ruled by an absolute Monarch; @King Mswati III who is the head of the Royal family. He is one of the richest Kings in the World and blessed with 15 wives and dozens of children. He is known to visit Queen Elizabeth, The White House.

—–#2—- The King chooses his wives during a dance festival. eSwatini’s culture has been termed very rich and rare to still be witnessed in the modern era. The Umhlanga or Reed Dance, an 8-day dance festival which brings together close to 50.000 Swazi maidens is hard to be seen anywhere else in the World. The maidens dressed in vibrant attires which expose their breasts, dance the Umhlanga dance in the hope of being chosen as the King’s next wife.

—–#3—- eSwatini is more than just a country – it is a Kingdom established in the 1700s under their first leader NGWANE III. It was not until 1881 that the nation was bordered by Mozambique and South Africa with the boundary definition by the European colonisers.


—–#4—- eSwatini is one of Africa’s smallest countries. Covering 17,363 square kilometres in size, eSwatini hosts a total population of only 1.39million people.
It’s only 17,363 square kilometers in size, making it less than 70% of the size of Vermont.

—–#5—- It changed its name from Swaziland to eSwatini.
During the celebration of the 50 Anniversary of the nation from colonial rule in 2018, King Mswati changed the name of the nation to the Kingdom of eSwatini. This is the name that had existed before the European colonisers who renamed it Swaziland. It is now represented at the UN & AU as eSwatini Kingdom.

—–#6—- Though small, its wildlife and game reserves, scenery give a once in a lifetime experience. The Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary which is the country’s largest reserve covering 4, 560 hectares, gives a rare wildlife experience. Its primary game reserve boasts of rhino experiences which rival any in Africa.
“eSwatini is blessed with an outstanding natural beauty, guests have a choice of exploring nature reserves, investigating ancient rock art, and flying through the trees on the nations zip-wire canopy tour”.

—–#7—- It is VISA free.
Visitors to this nation don’t need a VISA especially nationals from the Commonwealth nations. They only get their passports stamped at the immigration upon entry.

In all, eSwatini’s rich culture, stunning scenery of mountains and valleys, forests and plains; including wildlife reserves and its overwhelming mix of cultural and modern festivals, makes the Kingdom just an ideal place to visit and explore the uniqueness.

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