Things to know if you want marry dangote

7 awesome things to know if you would like to be Dangote’s new wife

So you must have heard that the richest man in Africa, Aliko Dangote is looking for a new wife. And as expected, many women on Nigerian Twitter and elsewhere are expressing their interest in being called “Dangote’s wife.”
A lot of the “applicants” are young women, so apparently they don’t care that Dangote is 61 years old. After all age ain’t nothing but a number right? In case you’re one of those who’s interested in being Dangote’s wife, there are just a few things you need to know before you submit your CV:

1. He won’t have your time
It’s not a curse o! He said it himself. He told Financial Times that “it doesn’t make sense to get somebody if you don’t have the time.” And right now he’s busy building a refinery and trying to take over the world. So if you wanna be Dangote’s wife, you need to like your own company, a lot. Just saying.

2. He doesn’t sleep
Don’t expect a lot of sexy time from your new husband because he doesn’t sleep. He stays in bed for less than five hours every night and his doctors have been begging him to slow down. So hope you’re also ready to be alone in bed, a lot.

3. People are always begging him for money, obviously
If you want to be Dangote’s wife, you have to be ready to deal with people always begging him for money. And you know that once you marry him some of your own family members will join the list and start begging you too. Are you ready for that?

4. His phone will drive you crazy
His phone is always ringing and vibrating and he gets about 100 phone calls every day. So if you’re one of those who can’t stand your man always being on the phone, then you can’t survive as Dangote’s wife. Also, he’ll probably ignore your calls too because the man cannot come and die.

5. You must love Arsenal
Your future husband wants to buy Arsenal and he’s determined to do so in future. So you better start buying Arsenal jerseys and studying the team so you’ll fit right in.

If you’re still determined to be Dangote’s wife after all this, then we wish you all the best. All things are possible to those who believe. As soon as details of the application process are released, we’ll be the first to let you know.

You are a gold digger if you want to marry dangote

6. Preference of His old Family members over you.

Please don’t be annoyed when you are Teased and called names like minner,Treasure havey, Gold minner ehe you know the rest and they get away with it. It’s because that’s what you are even to your new lord and master. He will laugh over it with his old Family members lol .


7 Ok we will leave you to your thoughts now, maybe inside or After the marriage you can come and Tell us the number seven.

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